Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack & Cheats

Most of the Star wars Galaxy Heroes hack differ from this one as it can be used directly from the browser. You dont have the risk to download any virus on your device then. Another benefit of it is that it also means that there won’t be any way tracing the hacking process back to your device. With the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats you can generate countless Crystals and Credits. The hack tool is completely safe to use but I will explain more about the security later on.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Features

  • Generate unlimited Crystals & Credits
  • 100% Safe and undetectable
  • No need to download anything
  • Free to use
  • Easy user interface

How to use the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack

At Visit the Star wars Galaxy of Heroes hack site. As next enter your in-game username and connect it to the hack tool. Then you will have to enter the amount of crystals and Credits you wish to generate now you only have to press the generate button.  Now you have to wait a few minutes until the hack finished its process and the resources arrive on your game account.

About Star Wars Galaxy of heroes

On November 2015 Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was released as a free-to-play game by EA for Android and iOS. The fighting system of the game is round based. As well you will have the chance to collect your favorite Star Wars characters from all Eras. You can build new squads with them and think of strategies to be able to take progress in the game while the difficulty is increasing.

Each round of attack you decide what skill or attack your Character should use. Every character has a different ability some may be able to heal team members others can attack multiple targets. So you have to decide which enemy is the most dangerous for you and take him out first. Just repeat this tactic over and over again until no enemy is left and you have won the battle. I know this is said easier then its done but this is the most effective way on winning fights in Star War Galaxy of Heroes. You as well have to make use of the special abilitys of your characters to make that possible.

Each character also has their own strengths and weaknesses, special abilities and synergies. In the game are 68 synergies included, these allow some more customisability when building a squad. If you vary that you have different types of special abilities you are getting the best out of your team. But keep in mind not every Character maybe fits in the team you have so you may experience some improvements if you just swap sometimes and test new things.

The game is extremely longliving as well because every here and then you will unlock new things in the game which lets it become more fun. For example shipments are unlocked at Level 7, the Squad arena at Level 8, Dark Side battles at Level  12 and Squad Cantina battles at Level 28. All in All Star Wars Galaxy of heroes Contains more then 100 Levels each of these levels can be played on hard mode once you completed it on normal. You may need to invest some money into the game if you want to finish all this successfully. With the Star Wars Galaxy of heroes hack there wont be any need to put real money into the game as you now can generate your resources for free.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a turn based RPG which lets you build different squads of Star Wars Characters and fight with them in many different battles. But there are many more things to do in the game as you also can fully customize all your characters for example. The game is just great at all but to get a better gaming experience I just can  recommend any one using the Star Wars galaxy of heroes cheats.